About the International Poetry Fellowship

Poets Publishing Poets

The International Poetry Fellowship is a non profit organization consisiting of a  board of directors which publishes anthologies or amateur poets.  If you would like to  see what the International Poetry Fellowship is all about, visit our facebook page.  We are a group of poets publishing poets and the amount of anthologies published each year is based upon donations alone. We thank you in advance, every little bit helps publish a poet, who otherwise couldn't  afford to be published and any amount donated is greatly appreciated. All donors are acknowledged in the donors index of the anthology for which they've made a contributed to.

Our Community

If you would like to become a member of the International poetry Fellowship gaining opportunity to have one of more of your poems published in an anthology you should first be a member of the online poetry site, Allpoetry. It only takes a minute to sign up and membership is free! Once you are a member of Allpoetry, you'll have the opportunity for publication in an anthology, if your poem is selected from one of the relevant contests held by the IPF at Allpoetry, as long as you are a member of the Anthology group, ' IPF - Anthology Publishing Group .  All poets are welcome to join, come on in, we are a friendly bunch! 

It is however, no longer a requirement to be a member of this group to be published in the IPF Anthologies. The IPF will announce submission periods and requirements when new anthology projects are underway via our website here, or other social media outlets, such as Google + or Facebook, and submissions for such entries may be made to internationalpoetryfellowship@gmail.com

Join Our Journey

Currently we are working on our 6th Anthology project, titled Life Of Words, which was chosen as a winning title entry in a contest previously held. Congratulations to the winner, James C. Allen. This current Anthology does not have a theme, and any form of poetry may be accepted. We are currently accepting submissions of 2 poems sent to internationalpoetryfellowship.gmail.com with a donation of 35.00$. Further submissions will be accepted as future contest winners from contests held on Allpoetry.com.